Winstrol pills

Manufactured in the 1960s as an anabolic steroid,     Winstrol is one of the oldest and most effective steroids in the market. It comes both as Winstrol pills and in injectible form as well. The strength and muscle gains it gives are quite decent. Winstrol is widely used to treat medical conditions such as angioedema in which episodes of swelling occur. It is found to be useful in treating severe anemia, respiratory (breathing) problems, osteoporosis and muscle wasting diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Winstrol as a Steroid

The property of Winstrol to regain wasted muscles caught the attention of body builders and power lifters who started using this amazing drug for muscle building purposes. The reason it became popular among body builders was that it causes quality muscle growth. This steroid is not only a reliable muscle builder but it also burns the extra body fat giving you a lean muscular body. It also gives the user great strength and stamina; a characteristic desired by athletes and required by all sportsperson for extensive workouts. It not only helps the user gain muscle mass but also helps to retain it.


Winstrol does not cause side effects like gynocomastia and water retention. Fat deposition also does not occur with this steroid. Water retention can be quite harmful for the muscles as water collects under the skin and deprives the muscles of the hard ripped look.

Winstrol pills vs Winstrol Injections

As Winstrol can be found both as pills and injections; people often ask which form of Winstrol is better. A comparison between the two shows that both tablets and injections give the same performance in terms of strength and muscle mass gains. They not only give the same results but have similar side effects as well. The choice between the two solely depends upon the user. Winstrol pills however are preferred over the injectible form of Winstrol because the active half life of Winstrol is quite short (approximately two days) and needs to be taken daily. Taking pills every day is easier then injecting it daily as they are quite painful.

Winstrol pills are pink in color and are available in the potency of 10 mg and 50 mg. if you intend to use these pills then it is better to purchase 10 mg potency as it can easily be divided into the required doses.

Drawbacks of Winstrol pills

The injectible form of Winstrol mixes in the blood more quickly than tablet form thus the effect of the injection occurs rapidly as compared to the pills. Another drawback of Winstrol pills is its liver toxicity. Liver rejects anything which cannot pass its first test. In order to make oral steroids like Winstrol pass the first liver test; they are C-17 alpha alkylated. Although they are not rejected by the liver, they put a lot of stress on it. In the long run this causes malfunctioning of the liver. The prolong use of winstrol pills can cause severe liver impairment. The symptoms of liver malfunctioning are yellowing of skin and eyes, passing dark colored urine and light colored stools, nausea, fatigue, and abdominal cramps. If you are taking winstrol pills then you should go for regular check ups so that any signs of liver malfunctioning can be detected early.

Buying Winstrol pills

Winstrol pills can be bought from gyms and from online drug stores. Winstrol is also available at the black market. Off the three sources the online pharmacies are the most reliable. You can order online and pay via credit cards or through money transfer methods such as Western Union. Depending upon your location, genuine winstrol pills will reach you within a week.