Winstrol Cycles

Winstrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid with strong anabolic properties. It can be taken orally or injected intramuscularly. With an active life as short as just 48 hours, it needs to be taken frequently that is why people who want to avoid the hassle of injecting themselves frequently take the oral form of this drug. However in the oral form it exhibits strong liver toxicity which is its biggest drawback.

Winstrol is widely used for medicinal purposes and as a steroid in the world of body building. In the field of medicine it treats angioedema, respiratory problems, osteoporosis, anemia and muscle wasting diseases such as HIV/AIDS. As a steroid it is commonly used by the body builders, power lifters and athletes especially those who participate in track and field events.

Winstrol as a Steroid

As a steroid Winstrol builds muscles; it also has lipolytic or fat burning properties meaning that it promotes lean muscle mass and gain and effectively gets rid of the fat stored in the body. Winstrol is ideal for cutting cycles but is not an effective bulking agent. The increase in strength due to Winstrol is because it is causes an increase in the number of red blood cells in the body.  The greater number of red blood cells means more carriers of oxygen and more oxygenated blood. The greater red blood cell count means more stamina in the body to workout. Winstrol also increases the endurance level in the user and helps the user to recover from the strenuous workouts. This property is extremely beneficial for athletes who participate in track and field events. Winstrol also promotes nitrogen retention and protein synthesis; the two essential muscle building factors. Winstrol not only causes muscle gain but also retains the hard earned muscles gained by preventing muscle catabolism.


Like other muscle building drugs, Winstrol should also be taken for a specific period of time in recommended doses. The length of the Winstrol cycle should be kept between 6 to 8 weeks. During this time the recommended doses for men is from 35 to 75 mg per day if taken as pills and 25 to 50 mg per day if injected intramuscularly. Women are advised to take 5 to 10 mg of Winstrol daily. If women exceed the prescribed dose and lengthen the Winstrol cycle then it may cause serious side effects which include Virilization; a serious side effect.

Some professional athletes extend the Winstrol cycle to twelve weeks but where it gives good gains, it also causes ugly side effects.

Side Effects of Winstrol

The general side effects associated with steroids such as gynocomastia or the development of breasts in men, water retention which deprives the muscles of their hardness and acne are not present with Winstrol. However it has other side effects which can become nasty. The side effects usually occur because user prolong the Winstrol cycle. In case a user is taking Winstrol orally, the long Winstrol cycle will damage the liver. If the user notices yellowing of skin and suffers from nausea and lethargy then he/she should consult the doctor immediately as these are the symptoms of liver malfunction. Other symptoms of liver malfunction are passing of dark colored urine and light color stools. Under such circumstances the user should immediately stop using the steroid and consult a doctor. The long Winstrol cycle can also cause the suppression of testosterone in the body which may lead to other complications such as shrinking of testicles, low sperm count, infrequent erection and impotency.

Winstrol is often used on its own but to make the Winstrol cycle more effective, the body builders use it along with other steroids such as Dianabol or Anadrol for bulking purposes.